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Logiplex Product Review – Des’ Diagnosis!

Windows 8

By now you’ll probably have heard all the hype from Microsoft about their latest operating system Windows 8.  Introducing touch screen technology this is regarded by many as the long awaited catch-up as Apple stole the march on this user friendly interface. So what does Des think to Windows 8?

The verdict depends entirely upon your anticipated use.

Desktop users have few compelling reasons to upgrade.  Navigation using the new Metro interface can be awkward and at the moment few Metro apps scale well for large screens. However you don’t have to use the new interface as you can continue to work on the traditional desktop.

On a more positive note there are several excellent new features for desktop users. A revamped Task Manager, File History and much improved boot times may make life easier. Unless these features are relevant you must question the justification of paying for the upgrade.

Tablet or Touchscreen laptop users have much more to celebrate. The Metro interface comes into its own and once you’ve got used to a few idiosyncrasies there’s an enormously powerful tablet operating system available. Features include seamless sharing of data between apps, live tiles and handwriting recognition. However the key feature that none of its rivals can match is access to a proper file system and full applications with which most people are already familiar.

In summary Windows 8 has relatively little to offer if you do most of your computing on a desktop however if you are looking at touchscreen tablets or laptops then Windows 8 is much more compelling.