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TrustATec Service Promise

Perfect service is our mission

The TrustATec Service Promise ensures our quality standards and therefore your satisfaction. Qualified technicians take care of the professional repair, upgrade and maintenance of your PCs or laptops no matter where you bought your device and regardless of manufacturer.

We know that it is impossible to get customer confidence in advance and certainly never for free. So, on the contrary, trust has to be earned, each and every day. Basically, the calculation is simple: Trust is granted only on performance. That is why all our services are described in detail, clearly defined and always at a fixed price. We rely on open communication, excellent advice and full transparency.

Trust only on performance; For TrustATec this is a fair agreement, which we engage with daily. We know that only a professional and high quality service ensures confidence and strengthens customer relations. For this reason we have fixed our principles in the TrustATec service promise.

Trust through a fair and transparent service

All our services for computers, laptops, hardware or software cover all possible areas in the UK. From the repair, installation or replacement of components to virus removal or setup of your new device. We offer a professional service for any computer problem. In addition, all employees of our TrustATec partners are trained professionals who offer the most appropriate service for your request. They give qualified advice and carry out all repairs and services professionally and according to the manufacturer's guidelines for your device. Due to our transparent fixed pricing system, there are no hidden costs at TrustATec. An important factor for us is to gain your confidence and keep you a happy customer for the long term.

Qualified and professional

Working method: TrustATec technicians are trained and qualified specialists. Through regular training they constantly expand their know-how and specialised knowledge.

Carefulness: TrustATec technicians work carefully and conscientiously with your devices. TrustATec workshops are professionally equipped and clean.

Manufacturer warranty: Our repair work complies to the manufacturer's specifications and secures the warranty of your device. If still in warranty, we communicate directly with the manufacturer and if required, we send your device to the manufacturer.

Quality products: If we have to install or replace hardware, we always use original components or matching quality spare parts. Therefore we ensure the value of your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Extensive and versatile

Everything about PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone etc.: We repair your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and give you competent advice on all topics relating to your devices. From the repair, installation or replacement of components to virus removal or set-up of your new device, TrustATec engineers will support you with all your requests and problems.

Saving time: We repair your device as soon as possible, so that you do not have to be without your device for a long time. Telephone appointments are not necessary.

Accessibility: We focus on customer-friendly opening hours. If you need to contact us outside these hours, you can always send us an E-mail.

Transparent and fair

Fixed price principle: TrustATec works fairly and transparently. You will receive all services at a fixed price.

Fairness: We work honestly and correctly. TrustATec technicians only repair your device, if it needs to be repaired. The same applies to all other services or the exchange of hardware components.

Control: If the problem can not be identified immediately, TrustATec offers a "Troubleshooting" service for a fixed price. After that, the technician will explain the cause of the problem and propose the appropriate service. Then you can decide if you want the service to be carried out.

Reliable and correct

Planning: Before any work is carried out we will inform you about the expected duration of the repair, upgrade or maintenance of your device.

Reliability: The scope and the goal of each of our services is clear and well defined.

Functionality test: After the completion of each TrustATec service, a comprehensive functionality test is performed.

Delivery: After the successful completion of a repair, upgrade or other service, TrustATec technicians explain the completed service and hand the device back to you.

Personal and motivated

Support: We are happy to be your service provider and we use our professional and personal skills to deliver the best service for our customers. We give you comprehensive advice and take time to discuss your wishes and expectations.

Motivation: Our goal is your satisfaction. Even with special requirements and complicated problems we deliver convincing solutions. Therefore, we always communicate in an open, understandable and appreciative way.