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Ten Ideas for Technology based Gifts

From practical accessories for computers or tablets to fun remote controlled cars this range of cost effective gadgets offers something for everyone.

Here are your ideas for techie gifts:

1) Tablet devices are high on many people’s wish lists this year and range from basic cost effective models to replacements for laptops. Take the time to get advice on the right one for the recipient and you’re guaranteed to delight!

2) Tablets also need many accessories. A great idea for the cold weather, and those with less steady hands, is a stylus. Looking like a pen a stylus makes using a touch screen tablet or phone quick and easy.

3) It’s also worth considering a USB spotlight to provide extra illumination when using a notebook or laptop on the move.

4) For those who like to listen to music on the go lightweight noise cancelling ear plugs are a must.

5) Chatting with friends and family is cost effective with services such as Skype but a webcam brings video to those device that don’t have their own camera.

6) Stylish cases and screen protectors can help protecting expensive tech from damage.

7) Protecting vital data, music or photos in case of loss or damage is quick and easy with a portable storage drive.

8) To take pictures or use apps like Skype to have online video calls with friends or family a tablet with both front and back facing cameras will make life easier.

9) If devices like tablets or laptops are used on the move it’s not always ideal to rely on Wi-Fi alone. A MiFi device takes a 3G or 4G sim card and produces a WiFi hotspot to provide internet on the go.

10) A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will make life much easier for those who write emails or work on documents.