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Tablet Computer Buying Tips

The amazing range of tablet devices with an ever increasing choice of applications offers potential buyers a huge range from which to select their ideal entertainment or social media device. But how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some top tips:

1) Ask yourself what you need to run on the tablet. Then check if all your apps will work on the three main operating systems used by table devices. For example the iPad uses Apple’s iOS, others may use the Windows or Android operating systems.

2) Try out the different sizes of screen to decide what size best fits the apps you want to use. Most are around 7-inch or 10-inch screens.

3) The type of app you want to run and speed you need will also determine the processor speed and amount of memory your tablet will need.

4) Consider where and for how long you are likely to use the tablet. While smaller tablets tend to be more convenient for carrying around, larger screens can be useful for typing or watching videos.

5) To take pictures or use apps like Skype to have online video calls with friends or family a tablet with both front and back facing cameras will make life easier.

6) If you are likely to use the tablet on the move you may not wish to rely on Wi-Fi alone. You may need to have a tablet that will take a 3G or 4G sim card to use internet on the go.

7) To write emails or work on documents the option to add a keyboard and mouse is worth considering.

8) Like all devices you need to protect the tablet from physical harm with screen protectors or cases and consider protecting against viruses.

9) Although tablets there is a lot of hype about tablets don’t forget to consider laptop or notebook computers. These are more powerful yet often have ultra-light weight models.

10) Finally consider the compromise of price versus build quality and support.