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Make the Most of your Printer

– Hints and Tips to Save Money

Costs of printer inks and toners are now often equivalent to that of a good champagne. Logiplex Computer Solutions have put together some tips to help save money and make the most of computer printers. - It's up to you what you spend the savings on!

Top Tips

Key to getting the best from a printer is to ensure that you use the right printer for the type of printing that you will need to do. It may even be better to use different printers for different types of printing as this may work out more efficient in the long run. For example a mono laser printer will probably achieve the best price per page but a photo inkjet gives amazing quality.

Once you have selected the printer always consider which will be the best settings for the print job you are about to undertake. For example draft quality is ideal for file copies and will save ink or toner.

Cheap is not always cheerful. Cheap printers often come with low capacity 'starter' cartridges, have less sophisticated software, and do not have the most cost effective combination of cartridges - all leading to a less efficient printer and more cost in the long run.

For advice on selecting the right printer for you click here

Compare Like for Like

When it comes to replacing empty printer cartridges there is such a range of options and prices it may be difficult to work out which is best value and most appropriate for the amount and type of use required.  Click on the titles below for help.

Compare Like For Like When Buying Cartridges

Key Points