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Storing, Editing and Sharing Photos

Capturing those wonderful memories on camera is very easy with digital cameras and smart-phones but it is essential to keep these safe and be able to share them with friend and family.

Storing Photos

 Where you chose to store your photos, which are relatively large files, will mainly depend upon how accessible you want them to be. If just storing to keep a copy safe and secure you could use a hard drive store or memory stick. If you like to share your photos then internet based services such as iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox are ideal as these can be accessed wherever you have internet access.

Editing Photos

If you also prefer to be able to adjust the photos or add titles and tags then you may consider internet services such as Google’s Picasa.

Sharing Photos

Sending photos by email may be quick and convenient but these large files may cause issues with downloading on slow broadband connections or the files may be caught up in spam filters so it’s always best to check with the recipient first.