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Direct Debit

To save you time paying us each month we can take regular payments by Direct Debit. Switching to Direct Debit will save you the hassle of paying each month. You’ll be notified of any upcoming payments, and you can cancel them whenever you want. What’s more, the Direct Debit Guarantee makes this the safest way to pay.

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you will receive an online Direct Debit Mandate form from us through the GoCardless system. This is quick and easy to complete and provides you with a log-in to see your transactions at any time.

About GoCardless

GoCardless is the UK’s leading Direct Debit provider. They collect more than half a billion pounds each year for over 30,000 businesses and organisations.

Why is GoCardless on my bank statement?

GoCardless is an online payments company - they provide online payment services to thousands of Merchants.  GoCardless appears on the bank statements of anyone who pays a Merchant using the service. If you do not recognise the transaction there is normally a reference including the name of the Merchant on your bank statement or in the Direct Debit record. If you cannot find this or do not recognise the name email GoCardless at help@gocardless.com or call them on 020 7183 8674 and they will help you identify the transaction.

How do payments through GoCardless work?

GoCardless acts as a "master merchant", processing payments on behalf of many companies. When you pay by GoCardless they collect payment from your account. These funds are then remitted on to the merchant you are paying.

Why do I have a Direct Debit with you when this was a one-off payment?

We can collect payments, whether one-off or recurring, via the GoCardless Direct Debit network. In order to do this a Direct Debit must be put in place on the account. Don't worry - if you have set-up a one-off payment, we will only take the funds once. You can check payments made with GoCardless anytime by logging in.

How do I check transactions made with GoCardless?

You can check your GoCardless payments anytime by logging in.

How does GoCardless keep my details safe?

GoCardless takes a number of steps to ensure our customers' data remains safe at all times:

All financial details are RSA encrypted. All sensitive communications use secure channels such as HTTP Secure. All GoCardless databases are located in the United Kingdom

Standing Order

Please request a copy of our Standing Order Form

Bank Transfer

Please contact us on accounts@logiplex.co.uk for our bank details.
Please use the Invoice Number as the Reference


Please make your cheque payable to: Logiplex Solutions Ltd

Please write the invoice number or your address on the back of the cheque.


If you have any further questions please call us on 01989 769990 or email sales@logiplex.co.uk