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Microsoft Office 365 – Overview

Benefits of the Cloud

The familiar tools of Office and all your settings can go with you virtually anywhere now using Office 365.

The applications are streamed, updated and looked after from the cloud. This means you’ll be able to log into an Office 365 account on a PC and your Office applications and data will just appear ready to use making this ideal for people who work from multiple locations.

Access your email and calendar from your computer, the web, and smart device (subject to network availability).

Furthermore all accounts are coupled to proper email storage on Exchange Server, and shared document storage through Skydrive.

You no longer have to worry about backups, upgrading or any of the worries of running your own Exchange Server as this all happens as part of the cloud service.

Microsoft strives to be a leader in industry privacy, security and compliance practices. By focusing on the following principles, Microsoft is consistently and proactively working towards earning your trust.

Easy Payment

In what could be regarded as the biggest change in the history of Office Microsoft is offering a rental model. Yes you can now reduce the cost of licences by paying monthly to use Office 365.

A Word of Warning!

This all sounds great but like any cloud based solution it will depend upon your ability to connect to the internet so you must check your broadband speeds and mobile phone network coverage are good enough in the locations that you plan to use Office 365.

What Next?

To discuss the benefits of Office 365 for your business contact or call 01989 769990