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Stay Safe on the Internet

Safer Internet Day highlights the increasing threat to our online safety from attacks on our financial records to cyber-bullying.

As part of the series of Top Tech Tips the professional experience of Ross on Wye based Logiplex Computer Solutions provide some thoughts on how to protect your home or business computers and mobile devices.

Protect your Business and your Family

Protect against viruses

Most of us will have some sort of antivirus software on our computers; whether or not it is up to date is another matter! But what about our tablets and mobile phones? As these are increasingly used for internet access they too are being targeted and need protecting.

Control access to inappropriate web sites and talk to your children

There is increasing concern about the way in which our children are bombarded with inappropriate images whilst surfing the internet. The internet is not policed it is a free and open forum, so it is up to parents to take responsibility and control what their children are allowed to view over the internet. The providers of the better Anti-virus and Internet Security software packages have simple and inexpensive software that will allow parents or guardians to limit the sites accessible by their children. It is now essential to learn how to be safe online and for parents to talk to children about how they use web sites, messaging and social media.

Wireless access and public places

Wireless internet access in the home or via public hot spots is very convenient but does mean that your computer or mobile device are more at risk. Take care to ensure your wireless hub/router/dongle has security turned on and unless you are using a secure web page, do not send or receive private information when using public WiFi. If using an internet café always ensure that any personal information is deleted from the computer you have used. For more on securing your router see the Wireless Networking tips.

Be careful when disposing of computers and phones

With large amounts of information being stored on hard drives and in the memory of devices it is essential to ensure that all data is removed before selling or disposing of these.

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