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PC Repair

Virus Removal, Hardware Faults, Data Recovery Custom Built PC Repairs, PC Not Booting, Laptop Screens

Business IT Support

Tailored support options to suit your needs and budget: 24×7 monitoring, remote and onsite IT support

Cost Effective Laptop repair

Always Aware of the Cost of Repairs We attempt to Keep these costs Down For the Client


Motherboard Repairs Screen Replacements Upgrades and Service. Mac Book to iMac Professional Services

PC Repair Ross on Wye

PC Repair Ross-on-Wye - Hereford - Monmouth - Ledbury - Coleford - Cinderford - Wye Valley Area

50 Years of experience in PC
device repair services

Over 50 years of Combined PC repair and computer systems. From RADAR to GPS, Flight Simulators, Drone Piloting and AR-VR (Virtual Reality) Mining Company's, NASA (Atlantis) and Military Experience and Projects.

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Our Software and other Prices

For Business or Home users of Software quantities of 5 or over we can discount these items for upto 30%.

Office 2021 Professional

£85 @ InStore
Genuine Microsoft Products

Windows 10 Professional

£85@ In Store
Genuine Microsoft Products

Repair Solutions From

£68@ InStore
PC Repair-Computer Service

DATA Recovery From

£85 @ In Store

DATA Recovery HDD


Our Awesome Team

USA-Australia and Ross-on-Wye, this talented and versatile team come from all over the world everything from a NASA Computer engineer to Mining Computer Engineer. All Qualified and Experienced to deal with the complicated repair and Service you need. Logiplex Computer provides Information Technology solutions for enterprise, medium and small businesses, and the home computer user. From PC repair to network monitoring and managed services, we can meet your technology needs. Whether you are a home user or business we can provide the right professional services solution for you. All work is performed by Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, MCSE - Dell Certified DCSE A+ Certified technicians. Soon to Be Apple Service Certified

Apple repair


IT Engineer

Printer Repair and Networks


Technical Specialist

Computer Repair in Ross on Wye



Computer Repair


Technical Assistant

PC Repair Figures over the last 15 years

We would like to say we have a 100% record,but we cant, as we are just mere mortals. But we do try, and we seem to think that we have done resonably well enough to show you we can help you. :)

Our Clients
Opinion About Us

Nobody was more surprised than me when we actually found a Macbook repair center in the Hereford area. Pricing more than good, versus Apple Store.

John Mitchelli
CTO, MS Softwares, USA

Hard Drive decided to let go of its mortal coil and would not speak to anyone? DATA recovery yep, all done.

Terry Williams
Engr Whitestables Newent

Laptop screen repaired and Renewed cleaned and all done within a day. Excellent

Lori Maplin
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Our Computer Repair and Maintence Resources

Some of the work we have carried out includes Apple Computers, AS400, all Microsoft Servers, Networking and SEO also Website Design. We also get involved with DJI Drones Aerial Photography, HTC Vive and Oculus rift along with Augmented reality Equipment. We offer repair services for Servers, PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones. We offer complete repair solutions from virus and spyware removal to PC component repair and replacement. No matter what the issue, our Certified technicians are up to task. We also offer hardware and software upgrade services. Repair services can also be performed onsite at your home or business..Network Hardware Support Repair, upgrade and replacement of faulty equipment including routers, hubs, firewalls & switches. Network Cabling From maintenance and replacement of cat5 cabling to the planning and installation of new office IT networks, fibre optics and wireless network hubs and access points. Network Performance Diagnosing network faults and speed issues to improve the efficiency of your network and internet connection.

Army, Navy & RAF Forces Discounts

Our PC Service and Repair Guide

A relatively simple procedure, bring it in to us, the system is cleaned then goes onto the bench for diagnosis and then repair. Also anti virus is checked. We call you when complete and (hopefully) you pay us for the service done, then take it back home or to the office.Our team can support initial setup and configuration of new applications for a host of programs as well as IT licence management, software upgrades and updates for the majority of your software packages including email applications, malware and antivirus software and office and accounting programs. We strive to make sure customers in need of computer support receive the best care possible, as quickly as possible! Regardless where your computer came from and what problems you may be having with it, we offer our full support to get to the heart of the problem and make it better. If you are experiencing computer problems of any kind, get in touch with us. Back To Top