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Our expertise in the specification, implementation and support of asset and facilities management systems ensures that clients succeed with the best solution for their individual needs.  What are your priorities?

Collaboration Bring together the partnership that includes owners, clients, managers, surveyors, service providers and occupiers - in short, anyone connected with the management and maintenance of sites and their assets

Taking Action Initiate and audit the actions which are required to get things done within the maintenance process

Information Achieve real transparency and ease of information through a vehicle for storing, accessing and sharing integrated information

Supplier management Control e-tendering, manage price enquiries and issue works  orders. Use schedules of rates for quotations and cost-calculations and to shortlist suppliers for works

Energy and Carbon Instant access to live information informs operational decisions to drive lower fuel costs and

reduce carbon impact

Financial control Move to more cost effective planned maintenance. Savings in staff time and service providers management time along with lean procurement all reduce costs further.


Asset recording Provide a single resource for holding and maintaining all information related to assets, their condition, location and maintenance requirements.

Planned Maintenance Create and manage maintenance schedules to assist with budget management, life-cycle

planning and resource and work-flow scheduling.

Reactive Maintenance Notify relevant personnel, identify and communicate with chosen suppliers and monitor and inform on work-in-progress through a communication tool that audits the repair process from notification through to resolution.

Documentation handling Share documents, maps, drawings, specifications, manuals, photographs and individual item schematics.

Safety and Compliance Attach documentation to works orders to support Health and Safety compliance and ensure maintenance teams reach sites suitably briefed and equipped to undertake tasks.

Asset Tracking Enable individual items to be recorded as assets. Track assets and link to maintenance schedules.

Inspections Manage the diary of essential tasks and make records available anywhere, anytime. Initiate and track remedial works directly from any inspection record.

Help Desk Provide the initial point of contact for users to raise work requisition orders on-line or via help-desk staff. Then communicate appropriate works requests or messages to in-house service staff or retained contractors via SMS messaging or any internet enabled device. Keep everyone in the loop regarding progress of the issues and tasks.

If any of the above requirements are on your ‘To Do’ list it’s probably worth investing a little time to understand how we reduce risk and guide clients through successful adoption of the right solution.

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