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Logiplex work closely with carefully selected strategic partners to provide a range of solutions from cash registers to fully networked EPOS systems. Our in-house IT Consultancy expertise ensures that your needs are clearly defined and that our partners provide the level of service and support that our clients expect from their technology partner.

From a simple cash register that will keep stylist sales by product in a hairdressers to a touch screen EPOS terminal our specialist partners can provide you with the right solution and support to fit your business at a price you can afford whether on an outright purchase or rental basis.

From hospitality through hair salons to butchers or farm shops our partners can supply new and used EPOS solutions, cash registers, touch screen tills, barcode scanners, electronic scales, credit card and till rolls, servicing, consumables and training to ensure that your point of sale solution is efficient and effect.

 EPOS and Cash Registers


Solutions are available to manage virtually all types of Restaurant / Cafe - either in the form of a stand-alone multi-unit system or a linked network with a PC or laptop for reports, price changes etc..

Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use touch screen interfaces save critical time and training costs in environments where staff need to be up and running quickly.

Each Terminal can have its own printer and cash drawer and link to a remote kitchen printer via a network cable. This makes for a very simple installation.

Applications provide a fast efficient waiter system and can be deployed on most Android Systems.


For environments where products need to be weighed or scanned the solution can include scales or bar code scanners at a counter to process a customer's purchases.

Where larger numbers of products are concerned reports can be generated by product or group of products, by scanned items and weighed items, and by transaction type.

Terminals can be linked so an order started on one terminal can be finished on another.


Different Stylists on One Receipt - You can switch users during a transaction. This allows for a separation of duties such as washing, styling, and drying. This also makes separate commission calculations possible.

Detailed Reports by Stylists - You can call up reports on different stylists and users in order to evaluate the performance of each.

Staff Discounts - Makes discounts available to staff and improves motivation.

Vouchers - All coupons are checked the validity. Automatic coupon system increases security and protects from abuse.

Commission Rate - Based on independent sign-on. Stylists and users receive different commission rates. Allows you to allocate more to your best staff or by experience.