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The Correspondence Tracking System enables and records contact management between an MP or MEP, constituents and colleagues or advisors. Quickly and efficiently respond to constituent issues, concerns and campaigns. Track trends in regional issues. Inform colleagues in Brussels and update constituents on EU policy changes.

Correspondence Tracking System

Developed with direct input from MEPs, CoTS is a web based application that helps to manage the range and volume of correspondence associated with the office of an MEP.

CoTS replaces spreadsheets and outlook folders with one easy to access system that can then provide analysis of key issues for constituents.

CoTS also facilitates the tracking of communications with special interest groups, colleagues and specialist advisors.

The system can also be used to produce mailshots to predefined contact groups and monitor interest in the email content for example Business Breakfast attendees and special interest groups.

The correspondence tracking element can contain multiple “cases”. A single case will represent either an original issue, query of general communication raised by a party of interest (for example a constituent, a fellow MP, etc).

See complete listings for search individuals or groups of contacts.

Implementation advice, training and ongoing technical support, along with a user manual, ensure that users make the most of CoTS and have the peace of mind of knowing that there is someone available to provide assistance with CoTS or with more general IT support.

The events feature enables the setting up of key events and then managing the contacts who are invited along with their responses.

1. Create and manage a list of recipients.
2. Send mailshots to validated emails.
3. Store archive of sent mailshots and responses.
4. Mark the status of recipients (interested/paid/unpaid/cancelled).